plants used as medicine

plants used as medicine

hello friends in today's episode it will see how tocontrol white flies white flies are white colored insects that feed on your plants and are really a menace in your gardenbecause they carry diseases the first method will see it to get ridof white lies is to just use water this hibiscusplant was infested with white flies and all i did was just uses a waterhose

and just hosed it down made sure allthe white flies from the plant were removed and the underside ofthe leaves were the most affected so make sure that when you're using thismethod make sure you check all the underside of the leavesand then use a hose and water to just spray down and remove all the whiteflylarvae eggs as well as the white flies themselves this method works great when you have a large area that's infected for example thishibiscus plant was

pretty much all infested with whiteflies now sometimes you might have leaves that are very infested with white flies eggs as well as larvae as well asthe white flies themselves so its easiest to just toss them out andthrow them the second method that will see today tocontrol white flies is to use a yellow sticky trap nowthis method works really well because white flies get attracted tothe yellow color and the go towards it and get stuck and it works great for

all your vegetable crops and it doesreally a good job because it not only captures whiteflies but canalso capture aphids so as you can see here i've tied this yellow sticky traps next to my tomatoplants and by making sure that white flies arenot around you can ensure healthy vegetables thatare growing on your plants without any diseases now the problem withthe white flies is that they carry diseases from one plant to theother

and really infest your garden very quickly so this yellow sticky trap works reallywell for this purpose and the final method we will be seeing today isby using a product called castile soap this product is made bydr bronners and is available for a pretty cheapprice to use the castile soap, you first need theproduct itself which is natural and organic very safe to use in your garden and youalso need

to use a sprayer like this and which youwill be mixing the soap so what you basically do is open up yoursprayer and then add about a tablespoon of this castile soap you don't need to bevery perfect with it just an iron to a bar a tablespoon and then add some water very slowly you do notwant to create a lot of froth in the your sprayer before you spray see some aphids that have infested this kohlrabi plant

and this method is the same whetheryou're using it for white lies or aphids the castile soap works very well and as you can see we are spraying allover this plant using the castile oil soapspray its pretty easy you spray thoroughly and thistakes care of most of the soft-bodied insects like whiteflies andaphids so i hope you liked this episode and i'dlike to know from your youtubers how you control your insects in yourgarden how do you control white flies, aphidsor maybe other soft-bodied insects

do let me know and i'll see you againsoon happy gardening!