plants used for medicine list

plants used for medicine list

in this article we’re going to show youa list of 10 plants, which attract positive energy! and yes, they will make you feel much happier! ancient medicine has used plants for centuriesto improve the dwelling atmospheres of the people. and, unfortunately, today depression is rampantand seeping into our homes. staring at screens all day clouds our mindsand dampens our moods. so, i really think that it’s time to stepback and let nature restore the serenity and contentment in our lives.

it’s as easy as finding the plant idealfor your home. and, trust me – your spirits will be liftedimmediately, and that’s mother nature’s guarantee. just take a look at the article below andfind out more about these amazing plants: these are the ten plants. choose the one that will make the change youdesire. 1. cactuswe all know what’s cactus, right? cacti are beautiful plants that don’t requiremuch maintenance, yet do so much for you in

return. and, the experts say that they eliminate negativefeelings such as hypocrisy and envy. so, if you feel anxious, cacti can have theenergies to ward off intruders and evildoers. if you are surrounded by technology, theyabsorb the harmful electromagnetic energy the appliances produce. just get one for your home and feel the difference! 2. spearmintyou should also know that spearmint has many health benefits!

it makes delicious tea and smells divine. but, did you know that this super healthyplant will protect you from witchcraft and jealousy? yes, and spearmint can heal your body, andsome have experienced increased prosperity, which means that you should definitely getone for your home! 3. bamboobamboo is very “useful” as an interior decorating statement, as well as bringingpositive energy into the home. why – well, because it symbolizes life,transparency, and purity with its combination

of growth and water. and, you should also know that bamboo importscalmness and contentment and drives away envy. 4. jasminedid you know that jasmine is also known as ‘the couple’s plant’? yes, and you’ll be amazed when we tell youthat jasmine attracts the positive energy to improve relationships and mend past friction. the ancient medicine experts recommend thatthis plant should be kept in the bedroom or any other place where couples spend time together.

it is the plant for romance. 5. rosemarywe all know that this super healthy plant has been used in various cultures as naturalmedicine. one italian folktale depicts a young girlin the forest who finds her true love when she picks a sprig of rosemary. just like in the story, this plant attractssincere love and happiness. well, this means that you should place a fewsprigs in cloth bags and keep them around your house to inspire loyalty around you.

6. mintwe all love mint, right? well, mint is a known ancient medicine, buthaving it potted in your home fights bad vibes and promotes positivity. did you know that mint cures insomnia, negativeenergy, and improves communication? and, you should also know that mint is bestkept in the bedroom and wherever the family gathers the most, like the dinner table. 7. thymethyme is amazing and it has been used for

centuries to purify the air from negativity. the experts say that this is very useful andhelpful for young families since it has properties to soothe nightmares and promote self-esteem. thyme has protective vibrations cast overthe home and family where it resides. 8. chrysanthemumscan i ask you a simple question – have you ever heard of chrysanthemums? well, these beautiful plants naturally bringgood moods and sense of well-being. its happy energies are beneficial in placeswhere there is tension.

and, you should also know that chrysanthemumscontribute to a life of relaxation. 9. eucalyptusthe experts say that if you have malicious or envious people in your life, then you shoulddefinitely get eucalyptus! why – because this plant can expel any potentialharm. it can also increase prosperity and economicwelfare, so keep a pot in your office or workplace. it can also obliterate negative and oppressiveenergies and improves sleep quality. 10. aloe veraaloe vera – the plant of immortality!

first, you should know that this plant wasused in many rituals to counter envy and misfortune. aloe vera attracts good luck and prosperitywhere every it is placed. there is a widespread belief it absorbs negativityand dies protecting us. the million-dollar question – which onewill you pick? well, i think that you can choose one, ortwo, or three, or four, or all of them and locate them around your home for an instantfeeling of contentment and peace. remember to care for your plants. the more you do for them, the more they willbring positivity into your life. we really hope you enjoyed this article anddon’t forget to share it with your friends

and family. thank you and have a good one: